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Future of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnancy, The

Cummings, Megan L.
At the turn of the century, pregnancy was a dangerous undertaking for women with insulin-dependent diabetes. As new technology developed, the maternal and fetal complications associated with diabetes began to decrease. By examining the evolution of the treatment of type 1 diabetes and the resulting outcomes, it is possible to ascertain when and how this change occurred as well as what the future will look like for diabetic women who wish to bear children. Publications from 1899-2015 were examined to determine the outcomes of diabetic pregnancies over time. A timeline of diabetes technology history was also produced from historical resources. One specific correlation with a specific change in pregnancy outcomes was not found. However, it can be gathered that several factors contributed to the encouraging changes among diabetic pregnancies: the advent of insulin, the invention of accessible glucose testing, and the growth of knowledge about the disease in general. Although the complications of diabetic pregnancy are significantly decreased now, there is still room for improvement. This improvement could be found in tighter glucose control recommendations and/or in the development of new insulins and insulin-releasing devices.
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