Design of a Mini Hydropower Facility near Lingle, Wyoming

Melson, Christopher L.
A 1.1 MW hydropower facility is proposed at a location approximately two miles south of Lingle, Wyoming. The facility's source water comes from the Fort Laramie Canal. After running through the facility, the water is deposited into the Platte River through a small channel. In 1918, a hydropower plant was built at this same location, and it operated until April 1956. However, the old power plant is currently not functional; in fact, only remnants remain. This project aims to redesign the plant and make it a feasible and attractive operation. The project includes such broad elements as cost estimates, environmental impacts, constructability issues, the preliminary design, as well as an economic analysis. It also includes the detailed design of the penstock, the turbine selection, the layout of the powerhouse, and other various elements. The proposed hydropower plant operates at 150 cfs and is designed to produce 1.1 MW of power. The water is conveyed through a single, above-ground penstock to a Francis turbine. The initial construction cost is estimated at roughly two and a quarter million dollars, with the earliest return on investment being 11 to 12 years.
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