Localization and Path-Finding for a Quad-Copter

Kaan, Christian
When working with robots, a big thing to consider is whether or not the robot knows about its surroundings. This could mean a few things, such as knowing what the actual environment looks like (mapping), where in that environment it is (localization), and how to be able to navigate that environment (path-finding). These are very important to know or else the robot might just run into a wall and never fulfill its purpose. In this project, I have explored how to solve the ideas of localization and path-finding using a quad-copter. The map of the environment is supplied to the quad-copter. The quad-copter will use probability to predict where it is in the environment using the map provided and distance measurements taken as well as the movements that it makes. Once it has a probable location, it will then be able to find a path to a goal that has been set up and land itself there. The only sort of input that will be needed from the user will be to provide a proper map of the environment to the quad-copter, and the rest will be completely autonomous.
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