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Utilizing Mentor Texts in Informational Writing Instruction in an Elementary Classroom

Christofferson, Kelsey
This paper explores utilizing mentor texts as an approach to informational writing instruction in an elementary classroom. The approach suggests that by exploring quality texts, students have an exemplar to serve as a model throughout their own expository writing process. In addition to exposing children to new knowledge through the reading of these texts, they are also exposed to text features, a variety of formats, and organization. Students are taught to emulate techniques for creating different kinds of informational text, demonstrating knowledge of informational writing as outlined in the Common Core State Standards. Mentor texts can serve in areas of both traditional non-fiction, and that of creative and playful language and structures. This paper concludes with the argument that exposing students to mentor texts throughout informational writing instruction benefits them in ways that not only improves their writing, but engages them through texts of various cultures and the integration of other content areas.
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mentor text,literacy,elementary education,instruction,informational writing
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