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Measurement of Gender and Sexualities in National Surveys: An Exploration into Hidden Attitudes and Messages

Gonzales, Carlos
This research will investigate the measurements of gender and sexuality used in national surveys. We hope to show the use and understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality in these national surveys and how they differ across time and across different academic areas. The data will be collected using the codebooks and questionnaires from multiple national surveys. Information will be collected on how many questions are asked, what type of measurements are used, and other relevant information to collection of sex, gender identity, and sexuality. Analysis will be conducted by collecting information on individual surveys and then comparing across time and across fields. This information will contribute to understanding how scholars can make measurement more inclusive and informative, ensuring that all identities are properly accounted for. The information will also contribute to understanding the historical and patterned use of measurements by national surveys and how they have changed and remained static over time.
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