Instructor Interaction Techniques for Immersive Visualizations in the Classroom

Lawrence, Kira
A GeoWall is a device capable of presenting three-dimensional (3D) imagery that is viewable by a group. Interaction with a Geowall is typically done by a single user input device controlled by traditional point-and-click input. However, this input cannot easily provide three-dimensional movement. We hypothesized that a change in the input device and the interface would raise faculty comfort with the GeoWall and increase the likelihood of its use in class. We aimed to implement an alternative input device and interface for use with ESRI geography software, evaluate the usability of this interface, and assess faculty change in attitude towards the GeoWall as a classroom aid. Using an emulator, we wrote a script that allowed a Wii game controller to manipulate the 3D imagery created by the software. We presented three faculty members with evaluations regarding the system's usability and calculated the averages and standard deviations of the results. Overall, the faculty found the system's usability neither poor nor excellent, giving us a neutral response to the new system. Faculty who had never used a Wii controller before found the system more difficult to use than those who had, and a variety of connectivity problems caused technical difficulty throughout evaluations.
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