Browning on the Plains

Terry, Kaitlynn
My research paper is an exploration of the poet Robert Browning's popularity in the Western United States and more particularly Laramie, Wyoming. The paper argues that Browning's use of universality endeared him to the readers of the American West as they sought to understand themselves and other Western settlers. As a Wyoming native, I maintain an avid interest in the development of the American West and various plains communities. Dr. Eric Nye helped me to synthesize my interest in the Victorian poet Robert Browning, my interest in Wyoming, and the settlement of the West by pointing out the existence of the Browning Club in Laramie. Members of the Laramie Browning Club were elite members of the Laramie community and included Mrs. N.E. Corthell, Professor and Mrs. E.E. Slossen, and Professor and Mrs. W.C. Knight. The group held bi-weekly meetings from 1895 to 1908. This paper utilizes research from the Wyoming Newspaper Project and American Heritage Center archives to illustrate the influence of the work of Robert Browning upon the Laramie community, via the Browning Club, during this thirteen-year period.
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