Water and Lithium Recovery from Rock Springs Uplift Brines

Samet, Mhamed
Robeson, Josef
Hollmann, Mathew
Moss, Alexander
Wilde, Brandon
The efficient and productive treatment of brines produced during carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is vital to the sustainability aspect of carbon capture. The Rock Springs Uplift saline formations contain brines with significant amounts of dissolved salts (sodium chloride, lithium carbonate, etc.). This project aims to design a safe and economically feasible brine treatment process for water recovery, and analyze the profitability of the recovery of lithium and other salts. Lithium carbonate is a major battery component with an increasing demand and price worldwide and road salt (sodium chloride) is a commodity valuable in the state of Wyoming and the United States. The water recovered from the brine will be recycled back to the power plant to be used for cooling.
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