Camper Shell and Aerodynamics

Hansen, Erik
Hatstat, Daniel
Hudson, Andrew
Praska, Aaron
Nearly all travel trailers have similar form, and most have deficiencies in aerodynamics, cost and weight. The purpose of our senior design project is to research methods, and design engineering solutions, to address these limitations. There were two primary areas of focus for this design project: the aerodynamics of travel trailer, as well as the structural frame. For the aerodynamics of the travel trailer we preformed comprehensive research based both on journal articles and other engineering literature. Additionally, we used an iterative method with fluid flow modeling to create a concept which satisfied the client's specifications. After the improved aerodynamic shape was finished, a structural frame was designed to meet the client's cost and weight requirements. Furthermore, analysis on wind loading, shock loading and snow loads were performed in order to verify the structural integrity of the frame. The research and design work our senior design group completed will serve as a valuable asset to future groups interested in designing and constructing travel trailers.
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