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Just Do It... Ethically!

Bell, Shelby
Nike Inc. is not immune to ethical dilemma and seen its fair share during the company’s lifetime. This research analyzes three key issues from Nike’s past, determining what the ethical issues were, how Nike responded, and providing recommendations on how the company could have responded based off of its current governing documents. The issues were selected based on impact it had on the company and the amount of coverage on the issue. The first issue is the conditions of Nike’s production facilities in Southeast Asia. Ambush marketing, or when a company does not pay sponsorship fees, but heavily advertises around a large event and earns sponsor benefits, is the second issue. The third issue is the controversy surrounding two of Nike’s endorsed athletes, Lance Armstrong and Colin Kaepernick. The purpose of the research is to communicate how companies can utilize their guiding documents to make better ethical decisions. It is also a reminder of the importance of ethical decision making, because it helps build a company’s reputation and improves sales for the company.
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Nike Inc.,Nike,Ethics,principles,Ambush Marketing,controversial factories,values,analysis,ethisphere,ethical decision making,sportswear industry
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