Comparison of Body Fat Energy Level and Diet in Performing Arts Major, A

Schulz, Katherine
The purpose of this study is to evaluate dietary consumption and energy requirements in vocal performance and dance majors. This research was done in three sections, participants in section one track the intake using an online diet tracking tool "Supertracker," which provides kilo-calories, as well as the macro and micro nutrients. The intake is analyzed and compared to the recommended values set by the USDA. In addition participants complete a pre-study survey about their satisfaction with their current diet and what affects the way they eat. The purpose of section one is to create a base line for the additional sections and to assess the current knowledge of the participants. Participants in section two and three are volunteers from section one. Section two observes whether participants' energy levels change if they modify their diet to more closely follow the USDA's recommendations. The participants continue to record their food intake for two additional weeks, they also meet weekly with the personal investigator to discuss basic nutrition optimization. The final section is to perform a DEXA scan on the participants from section two. The DEXA scan is a low radiation X-Ray that allows lean and adipose tissue volume to be quantified. While this scan will not show any short term changes it will show whether the baseline nutrition of participants matches their lean to adipose ration. The purpose of this research is to gain additional knowledge about the eating habits of fine arts majors and provide participants with tools to improve performance.
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