Preliminary Geologic Map Of The Chugwater 30' X 60' Quadrangle, Goshen, Platte, And Laramie Counties, Wyoming, And Scotts Bluff And Banner Counties, Nebraska

Stafford, J.E.
Loveland, A.M.
Andersen, C.L.
This map shows the extent of various bedrock formations and quaternary deposits at the surface in the Chugwater 1:100,000 scale quadrangle area. This area covers the central portion of the Denver Basin that lies within Wyoming and a small part of Nebraska. The primary geologic units are of Pliocene, Miocene, Oligocene, and Upper Cretaceous age and include the Ogallala, Arikaree, White River, and Lance formations. This map is a compilation project, utilizing existing mapping, aerial imagery, and field checking to provide a spatial tool to better understand the geology of the study area at a more detailed scale and with consistent unit delineation.
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Chugwater,Tertiary,Negogene,Paleogene,Cretaceous,Arikaree Formation,White River Formation,Lance Formation,sandstone,siltstone,volcanic ash,loess,Laramie,Goshen,Platte,WSGS,State of Wyoming
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