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North Entrance and Archway, Yellowstone National Park.

R.E. Steele,
This imposing arch stands at the northern entrance to Yellowstone Park at Gardner, Montana, and was dedicated by President Roosevelt April 24th, 1903. Through this gateway thousands of tourists pass each year to visit the most wonderful of all wonderland. Major Sir Rose Lambart Price. Bart, after spending a summer in the park, thus writes in his book, "A Summer in the Rockies": * * * "But what a park it is! What a playground for a nation! Where in any other country in the world is there anything like it? It embraces in its limits (sixty-two miles north and south by fifty-four miles east and west) mountains from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above the sea; one valley has an elevation of less than 6,000 feet; the geysers outclass anything of the kind in the known world. There are over thirty-five that throw a column of hot water from 30 to 250 feet in the air, at intervals of from one minute to fourteen days and often longer." This arch cost $10,000 and the Government in the last five years has expended $1,000,000 in improvements throughout the park. The following views in this set are so arranged that you make the trip the same as going by stage through the park. Passing through this gateway you take the stage and view each scene in a most vivid manner and soon forget that you are looking through the stereoscope. The park through which you are about to travel contains 2,142,720 acres.
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