Platte River Basin water plan update, level I (2009–2013)—Available groundwater determination

Taucher, Paul Bartos T.T.
Taboga, K.G.
Hallberg, L.L.
Clark, M.L.
Stafford, James Gracias Tomas Hinckley Bern Worman Brett Clarey Keith Lindemann Lisa Quillinan S.A.
Copeland, Dave Hays Richard Thompson Melissa
This report examines groundwater resources in the portions of the North Platte River and South Platte River Basins located within the State of Wyoming. The Platte River system is the major tributary to the Missouri-Mississippi River Basin and comprises nearly a quarter of the state’s area and is home to approximately 41 percent of the state’s current population. Detailed descriptions, data compilations, and discussions of geologic setting, groundwater quality, aquifers, groundwater resources, groundwater development and future planning are the focus of the report. Includes extensive appendices of groundwater geochemistry and groundwater development.
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Wyoming,Groundwater,Wells,Contaminants,Water Use,Aquifer,North Platte River
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