START Alert Application

Barella, Jonathan
Marker, Cohner
Johnson, Spencer
Our project idea originated from the problem of small companies not being able to afford an Alert System. Many of the big-time alert system companies require a specific minimum amount of people, usually around 500, and companies that only have 20 or so employees do not have a reasonable way to obtain an alert system. For this reason, our application is designed to help these small businesses feel more secure without having to deal with large prices, or not being able to enter the alert system market for being too small. Our Application, currently Android based, will have a simple but fast user interface where a person in trouble can quickly send out an emergency message. For example, say a person with a gun were to enter the place of business. A business with our application would be able to, in a few easy touches, send out a detailed enough message to the sever so that the police, SWAT team, or other administrators can respond immediately with enough information to save as many lives as possible. Time and information are important aspects between life and death, and we hope our application will give faster, better communication between people who are in trouble and people who can provide help.
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