Integrated Composite Interface for Load Bearing Applications

Larsen, Adam
Rose, Dean
Walker, Luke
Composite Materials are often used in load bearing structures to save weight. These materials also have desirable environmental stability and corrosion resistance characteristics invaluable to the marine industry. A lightweight composite material-to-metal interface for lifting a boat presents unique challenges. Current lifting attachments for manufactured boats are heavy and often result in failure at the hull interface. A composite lifting attachment was designed, manufactured and tested for use on boats and constructed within guidelines for the U.S. Navy. All tested features were constructed to simulate lifting a boat of the same size commonly used by the U.S. Navy. The lifting attachment was assembled out of carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy for high stiffness, high strength and low density characteristics. Finite element models using ABAQUS were used to design the part and mechanical tests were conducted to verify results. This composite lifting attachment reduces weight and meets marine safety requirements.
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