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Intro Stats for Adults

Gerow, Kenneth G.
First, the name… “Intro” because the text does not assume any prior statistical training. I understand that by the time you become a grad student (and beyond) that at least one statistics class is by now part of your record. That said, for a variety of reasons, not all of that material will have “stuck”. So I start from ground zero. “…for adults” because successful use of the text requires engagement; the sort of engagement I can count on from grad students. The material is highly conceptual; there are technical sections, but the text can be read without them; indeed, they come with warnings that the material therein is for the statistical aficionado, and in some cases, nerds, simply. Coverage includes: --Background concepts; hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, the role of Normality (which might not be what you think). --Simple and multiple linear regression, covering all the important bases, but (again) from a conceptual perspective. I have no need for matrix algebra herein. --One and two sample methods for measured variables as well as Binomial variables. --A light touch on ANOVA (which, in the end, has very much in common with regression, and so I approach that material from a regression perspective). In addition to approximately 400 pages of notes, written as a series of stand-along pdf “chapters”, the text includes a suite of interactive Excel apps that bring to life some of the technically deeper ideas. Enjoy!
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