High Speed Treadmill with Force Measurement Capabilities

Hanneman, Jeremy
Krutak, Drew
McDonald, Eric
McKruman Technologies proposed a design of a high-speed treadmill for evaluating the performance of Olympic-caliber athletes for use in the Kinesiology Department. The treadmill will increase the amount of research they can conduct on world class athletes. For Dr. Bundle and the department to carry out their research, certain devices and specifications were integrated into the treadmill. These devices consisted of a high torque electric motor, a servo control of the electric motor, multi-axis load cells, and safety equipment. The treadmill design is based on reading and analyzing the forces athletes and animals exert on the bed of the treadmill in both the radial directions. To reduce weight the motor was mounted separately from the bed via a flexible line shaft. The bed was made out of a fiber glass and carbon fiber combination with the core being foam. The bed was fastened to four AMTI-MC3A multi-axial load cells via a metal bonded plate. Teflon plates were placed on top of the bed to reduce friction and metal brackets were screwed to the composite frame and bed to allow for roller attachments and adjustments. Steel was used to construct a safety frame surrounding the treadmill.
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