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School Farm Partnerships: Cultivating Best Practice

Johnson, Benjamin D.
Examining the current bodies of literature and curriculum in the realm of Garden Based Learning (GBL), little attention is directed toward establishing best-­‐practice frameworks upon which new programs can build. To combat this, a literature review was conducted that explored the successes and shortcomings of GBL programs internationally. With this information, steps were made in order to identify and develop a framework common to an array of programs and curricula that could be utilized to help new (and existing) programs create better learning environments for students and better teaching environments for educators. This project's second objective was to pilot a program that drew not only from established literature and curricula of GBL, but also from tenets of educational theories such as place-­‐based education, integrative curriculum, and third space. Capitalizing on the fact that every community of learners and educators is situationally unique, a best-­‐practice framework was researched, established, and implemented in a summer school program for junior high students.
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