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Old Faithful in action by moonlight, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

The almost invariably clear sky of the Yellwostone region make the Park a veritable dreamland on moonlight nights. We see here one of the beautiful effects produced by the condensing steam in the cool night air. While there is not such a dazzling display of color as by sunlight, the effect is no less beautiful. The water in the jeweled basin of the cone sparkles in the soft light until one fancies he can see the fairies of his childhoold days playing about their edges and in their crystal depths. Old Faithful is undoubtedly the most popular of all the geyser in the Park. It stands at the head of Upper Geyser Basin as a sort of presiding officer over the large assemblage of geysers below it. Its popularity is not due to its powerful eruptions or its beautiful formations, for it is surpassed in these respects by several others, but to its regularity of action. The tourist who has but a few hours to remain in the Park is thus able to see a large geyser in action, for Old Faithful - how well named - plays every sixty-five minutes day or night. It is also a favorite of the person who wishes to make a study of geyser action for the same reason. The main eruption of the geyser is always preceded by several small spurts which foretell its action, then after a few moments a column of boiling water two feet in diameter is shot upward to a height of 150 feet. The eruption lasts but a few minutes but after once seeing the magnificence of the display one is tempted to remain hours to watch it.
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