Forms of Muliebrity

Peterson, Naomi
Crafts are often undervalued in the broader 'art world' and are not bestowed the same respect as fine art. Traditional as well as contemporary craft pieces are as significant as many pieces in museums, and, though women were not seen as equal to male artists throughout much of art history, they were just as essential in sculpting the art world that we know today. If everyone were to appreciate craft, including the craft of different cultures, we would gain an understanding of ourselves as a species rather than be defined by divisions in cultures. Through combining various art history concepts and ideas as well as imagery into functional forms, I argue for the importance of craft, the handmade, and art history. I used different forms of ceramic techniques to create a handmade tea set but by carving out a William Morris floral pattern from the Arts and Crafts movement, I negate the functionality of the set. I reference craft and art history through the functional objects, the material of clay, and the pattern. I finished the set with a celadon glaze, which has a long history through Asian crafts and functional vessels as well. Art has played a vital role in the progress of history, and though craft is sometimes seen as frivolous and insignificant in the face of future advancement, looking back at how it has helped us shape our world today can help us grow in any number of fields including education. Allowing arts and crafts to disappear would have countless negative consequences on not only the present, but future generations to come.
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