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Prospective Competency Training Program for Public School Substitute Teachers, A

Dockins, Mark
Wilson, Dean
The purpose of this project is to develop a quality education program to address the need for high-quality substitute teachers. Substitute teachers are expected to handle all the day to day responsibilities of any teacher and their subject matter. However, findings show that most states have limited if any systematic training for substitutes. Although substitute teachers are responsible for nearly a full year of a student’s K-12 education, few substitutes receive more than a cursory training in behavior management and far less training in the content area they are substitute teaching. The important impact substitute teachers have on student achievement can’t be minimized. Creating a competency-based system to train and retain highly qualified substitute teachers is a problem that has, and will continue to plague many school districts across the United States. The purpose of this project is to provide school districts with a viable solution to the problem of training and retaining highly qualified substitute teachers through a competency-based approach to their training. Public schools across the nation need to look towards the substitute teacher pool as a necessary resource for school improvement plans.
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substitute teacher,teacher education,teacher training
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