From the Farm to the Table: An In-Depth Look into Information Passage between the Agriculture Industry and Consumers

Thomas, Mandy
One of the largest issues currently in the agriculture sector is communication with the public. Farmers and ranchers have pride in the service they provide their fellow man but most consumers are so far removed from production that they may not understand or appreciate the service being provided. This disconnect between the producers and the consumers is proving to be problematic and potentially costly for both parties. Farmers and ranchers are being criticized for their practices but refuse to discuss what they are doing; consumers are doing the criticizing and may not necessarily be making "educated" choices. What is being done to change the public's perception of agriculture? This senior project takes a look at scientific studies that have measured information transfer, polls, public comments and discussions, personal experience through meetings and conventions, as well as looking at what agencies such as the National Pork Board and National Corn Growers Association are doing to address public concerns and questions. Awareness of the issue has been raised and information transfer is slowly improving, but is it enough? Adaptation is the key to survival, now consumers and producers must adapt and work together in order to understand the role they both play.
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