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Does Body Image Matter in Marketing to Millennials?

Kernan, Katherine
Over the years marketing campaigns have used traditional models representing a limited body image to attract consumers and influence purchasing decisions. However, marketers today are faced with the task of marketing to a new demographic segment called millennials. Body image is a topic that is brought up in the media along with marketing campaigns. In order to explore how body image effects how millennials make decisions regarding purchasing it is important to gather opinions from millennials through conducting a survey, researching the effects of past and present marketing campaigns, and looking at why millennials are different from past generations. When given a survey over 50% of millennials stated that body image was important to them. There are also a variety of brands including L'Oréal, Lane Bryant, and others that have shifted to including a more diverse set of models. Many also stated that they wished to see more diversity in marketing campaigns. With body image being important today amongst millennials it is important for marketers to take into consideration these behaviors. Marketers should incorporate diversity and focus on improving body image with their marketing
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