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edTPA: A Performance Based Assessment in the Classroom

Marsh, Allison
Teacher candidates today are faced with the responsibility to meet the diverse needs of learners in the classroom. The University of Wyoming uses Educative Teacher Preparedness Assessment (edTPA) to provide evidence that the candidate understands the classroom as a whole as well as the student's individual needs. One of the most important considerations includes preparedness to modify and differentiate lessons to fit the needs of all students. Through integration of a variety of teaching strategies (both teacher and student centered), teachers are able to reach all types of learners through scaffolding including direct instruction, gradual release, and project based learning. The goal of this project was to create a unit of five lessons for fourth grade students in Wyoming, which aligned with both Common Core literacy standards as well as social studies curriculum, that helped future educators develop skills to be successful in a variety of school settings. This was accomplished through development of planning, instruction, and evaluation tasks that assessed the pre-service teacher's preparedness to meet the academic needs of all students. Students were required to practice literacy strategies, including comprehension, analyzing of primary sources, knowledge of vocabulary words, and how to read informational texts.
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direct instruction,gradual release,project based learning,student centered,Elementary Education
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