Writing About Art: Making the Unseen Seen

Geiger, Joshua
Art is a valuable means of interpreting, describing the world and synthesizing life and experience. But it can be a difficult thing for many people to understand and absorb, and it is often relegated to certain places and certain kinds of people. Even then, seeing beyond the obvious and making meaningful connections to the world from the artist and the artwork can remain a challenge. This project sought to provide a new media outlet for talking thoughtfully and meaningfully about art using feature writing in blog posts. The goal was to create a space where something could be said about the artwork and the artist that added to the experience of understanding and appreciating art, and that could also reach and encourage a wide audience to join in. Four exhibitions held at the University of Wyoming Art Museum were studied and written about, and a blog, called WyoArt, created to showcase the finished product. The project seeks to emphasize the importance of looking at art and the value there is in talking about it.
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