Childhood Obesity

Hurt, Hannah
Childhood obesity affects 16.9% of children aged two to nineteen; this large percentage has only grown in the last few decades, and with it brought more diseases to a younger population. The paper looks into the prevalence's of childhood obesity in different populations and across the United States; factors and contributors to the childhood obesity epidemic, and future impacts of obesity to these children. The paper looks into numerous studies, and synthesizes a look into how the childhood obesity epidemic has gotten to the point it is at now. What was found is that childhood obesity has been on a dramatic rise for the past three decades, and is now slowing down, but the numbers are not dropping, they are holding steady. The paper looking into how to possibly decrease the percentage of children that are obese, and looks into the effects that obesity will continue to have on the US population and the economy and health care system. Concluding that childhood obesity is not something that can be hidden anymore, we need to take a direct approach to decreasing prevalence.
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