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Adsorption of Arsenic in Water by Cupric Oxide Nanowires

Scougale, William
A novel synthesis of cupric oxide nanowires is developed then the resulting nanowires are tested to adsorption of arsenic oxides from water. Arsenic oxides contaminate groundwater around the world and current removal processes are either expensive or ineffective1–5. Many metals and metal oxides, including cupric oxide, have been studied for adsorption of arsenic oxides6,7. Cupric oxide nanoparticles have been shown effective at adsorbing arsenic oxides in a variety of conditions and in the presence of competing anions8–10. Additionally, previous studies have shown that under controlled atmosphere, cupric oxide nanowires can be grown by direct oxidation11. In this study, cupric oxide nanowires are grown by direct open air oxidation and are characterized using XRD, SEM and RAMAN spectroscopy. The samples are then tested by batch analysis for adsorption of arsenic oxides from water. A concentration range of arsenic oxides approximately what is found in the Rocky Mountain Region is analyzed to provide insight to the merit of future study.
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Arsenic,Cupric Oxide,Adsorption,Nanowires
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