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Intersection Between Digital and Dance: The Digital Environment’s Impact on the Arts, The

Ellis, Hannah J
The increased social media and digital presence within our society has had a huge impact on how dance is seen and sought after by society. The increased dance presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are rapidly changing the consumption of dance and the visual markers that users are looking for. The intersection of marketing and dance provide a unique insight into this new consumption of dance technique and how it has impacted the traditional idea of dance on stage. This information is gained through the synthesis of a variety of scholarly resources that have analyzed the connection of the digital environment and dance. The digital world has provided a platform for virtual performances, online classes, dance influencers, along with a new form of online aesthetic. This research is beneficial in understanding the impact of the digital world and how dance companies can use the digital environment to their benefit in a constantly changing environment.
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marketing,dance,digital marketing,social media,virtual dance,covid-19,dance company,digital media,dance aesthetic,arts marketing
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