Human Powered Tractor

Harris, Ethan
Roberts, Brandon
Ogden, Charles
Human Powered Tractor Inc. (HPT Inc.) is developing a small scale tractor powered and operated by human force. During September of 2013, Mr. Scott Morton approached the design team of HPT Inc. at the University of Wyoming to produce detailed design specifications for such a human powered vehicle. Mr. Morton's design specifications included an articulated vehicle capable of towing a load of 1000 lb, operable by one or two people, with reversing capabilities. To reach these goals the tractor implements a single axle articulated design. Operators sit in a side-by-side configuration with parallel power trains. The drive train is a combination of bicycle, automobile, and custom parts. Significant components in this drive train are two infinitely variable gear boxes to provide an independent wide gear range for ease of pedaling with a large range of loads and a custom differential with a reversing gear. Due to the large vehicle weight, the braking system is a modified car braking system.
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