Propaganda and the Youth during the Chinese Revolution

Johnson, Coty
Chinese youth were greatly influenced by the revolutionary images presented by Mao Zedong during the Chinese Revolution of 1966. My research aims to evaluate the different types of propaganda used by Mao Zedong and his constituents, such as posters, songs, and the infamous Little Red Book, in order to understand how it contributed to the mass movement of millions of Chinese youth during the Chinese Revolution. Further, I will attempt to demonstrate how the use of educational propaganda fueled the actions of the Red Guards by encouraging the removal of Western influence and the violent attacks on China's intellectual citizens. This paper will also explore the various interpretations of Maoist propaganda and develop an interpretation as to why the revolutionary movement made such an impact on the youth of the time. By examining the various propaganda methods implemented during this period, I hope to gain an understanding of its use as a strategy to recruit a large portion of the population in the revolutionary movements.
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