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An Assessment of Mobile Applications Targeting Speech Sound Disorders and Accent Modification

Sawyer, Kathryn N.
Speech language pathologists have increased the use of mobile applications for treating speech sound disorders. Therefore, it is important to know the quality of mobile apps, as many cost money. Previous research has assessed the quality of mobile health applications but was not specific to speech sound disorders and the research put into them. The current study was developed to assess the quality of mobile health applications of speech sound disorders and accent modification and focused on correlation between quality and price. We collected data by searching for relevant keywords on the Apple App Store and cataloged the results. The apps were assessed on multiple quality indicators including functionality, aesthetics, information, subjective quality, and SLP-specific metrics. The metrics created a profile of the apps and correlations between quality app features and cost were examined.   Our findings indicate it is unclear if there is a correlation between price and quality, but price does have some influence over quality. More expensive apps seem to cite research more often and provide treatment for more sounds. Additionally, the apps targeting speech sound disorders seemed to be of a higher quality because they were more likely to have an SLP on the development team or cite research, than apps targeting accent modification or both. Ultimately, an SLP should use mobile applications that are evidence-based and most relevant to their client’s needs.
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Speech Language Pathology,Mobile Applications,Speech Sound Disorders,Accent Modification
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