Self-Esteem of Adolescents Participating in a Peer Support Group

Haughton, Nicole
Luckow, Sonja
The study topic originates from findings that suggest low self-esteem in teenage students correlates with poor school performance. It is anticipated that participating in a peer support group at school will elevate self-esteem and therefore increase the likelihood students will improve their school performance. The study examines the self-esteem of high school students who have been identified as at-risk. All identified students who consent are given The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Test prior to as well as after participation in a peer support group. Group participation is for the duration of one academic semester. Pre and post group scores from the self-esteem survey will then be compared to see if those scores show significant differences. We anticipate that self-esteem scores for high school students will be higher after participation in the peer support group. The implications of this study are that if a student is identified as at-risk and/or struggling with academics, participation in a peer support group to boost self-esteem may ultimately improve their school performance.
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