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Giljum, Anastasia
Endgame is a 2D role-playing game about a university senior who is worried about graduating and unsure about life after education. The students fear manifests itself in the form of a dream world in which the student must venture through four different zones (representative of years at university), learning new skills and making new friends along the way. After defeated the final bosses in each of the four zones, the student must finally face Grad, the living embodiment of the student’s fear of graduation and what comes next. The game is meant to be relatable to students who are worried about what will happen after leaving the education system and be a fun way of recognizing that everything will be okay. The game is made using Unity engine, with open-source art, music, and sound assets. Games are a great way for creators to share what they have made and allow others to build and expand into something greater. Endgame makes use of the creations of others, and hopefully inspires others to do the same.
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