Digital Shower Controller

Garner, Nathan
Kumarage, Kasun
Many homes have old plumbing systems which allow for fluctuation in water temperatures flowing through the lines. Maintaining a constant comfortable temperature in the shower can be a process that takes several minutes until the hot water lines warm up and provide a constant temperature output. Our senior design project allows for a user to input a desired temperature for our system to match. The user can then set that temperature to a preset button which requires our system to remember that temperature and recall it when required; up to 4 presets are allowed. The user can then change the temperature depending on what he/she desires at the time. Another feature will allow the user to choose between having a shower or a bath. This allows our design to be used for a wide range of shower/tub combinations. We aim to have a simple design that is easy to use. It will only have eight total buttons which includes; four preset buttons, two temperature adjustment buttons, one power button, and one button to choose between shower and tub.
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