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Sunset Glory, Lower Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

SUNSET GLORY, LOWER BASIN, YELLOWSTONE PARK. The most popular attractions of the Yellowstone National Park are the following: (1) Mammoth Hot Springs, near the northern entrance to the Park. (2) Gardiner Canyon, or the Golden Gate. (3) Obsidian Cliffs--a mountain of glass. (4) The Beaver Dams, and the resulting lakes. (5) The various geyser basins--Norris, Lower, Middle and Upper. (6) The Paint Pots,--pools of cooking pigment of every color. (7) The Continental divide, with its remarkable parting of waters. (8) The Yellowstone Lake, with its various environments. (9) The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone,--Nature's Masterpiece of grand and glorious scenery. (10) The abundance of Wild Animals (deer, elk, bear, etc.), that are gradually ceasing to fear mankind. To these attractions, add surprising and delightful secondary exhibitions,--such as lakes, creeks, canyons, cascades, etc.--practically without limit.
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