Uranium map of Wyoming

Gregory, R.W.
Jones, R.W.
Cottingham, K.D.
Uranium mining in Wyoming began in the early 1950s and to date has produced more than 210 million pound of uranium concentrate, known as yellowcake. Uranium mines and their production as of 2010 are mapped and listed, along with producing formations, type of deposit and type of host rock.
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uranium , uranium mine , redox uranium deposit , uranium production , roll front , Carlile district , Elkhorn Creek district , Aladdin district , Hulett Creek district , Barlow Canyon district , Little Mountain district , Copper Mountain district , Gas Hills district , southern Powder River Basin district , Shirley Basin district , Pumpkin Buttes district , Silver Cliff district , Crooks Gap district , Green Mountain district , Great Divide Basin district , Poison Basin district , Baggs district , Ketchum Buttes district
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