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Noisy Roadside Growler, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., The

THE NOISY ROADSIDE GROWLER, YELLOWSTONE PARK. The Growler is properly named. Like a frenzied virago, it snarls and roars its anger constantly. At first one is surprised by its exhibitions, then he is amused; but finally he tires of is spiteful roaring and passes on to less noisy and less taxing exhibitions of this veritable inferno, called Norris Geyser Basin. Some parts of the surface of this basin are treacherous, and if one is not careful he may break through the thin crust and scald a foot. Hades seems but a short distance below. But if one is intelligently watchful he need neither receive injury nor suffer seriously from fear. Until recently Norris Basin has been esteemed but a third-rate attraction; but its activities are increasing both in amount and in variety, and the basin has moved up a notch in popularity. It is already a successful rival of the Middle Basin, and in course of time it may become as active and attractive as the Upper Basin. Centers of special activity are slowly shifting in the park, and occasionally striking changes occur; but on the whole there is no diminution of energy evident.
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Photography,Stereoscopic,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
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