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The Power of Female Voices: How Online Activism and #MeToo Can Help Bring an End to the Stigmatization of Female Inmates in Popular Culture

Covello, Kristen Elizabeth
This paper analyzes how depictions of female inmates in popular culture promote the stigmatization of female inmates. To do this, it analyzes the first season of the TV show Orange is the New Black and finds that negative gender expectations and stereotypes about female inmates intersect and lead to a doubly inaccurate portrayal of female inmates as objectified, weak, evil, and unforgiveable individuals. These inaccurate depictions perpetuate the stigmatization of female inmates and increase the likelihood that men will mistreat female inmates and women will dehumanize female inmates. To overcome this stigmatization, female inmates, both past and present, should take inspiration from the #MeToo Movement and use their voices to help bring an end to the stigmatization that they face in society and popular culture at large.
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Female inmates , Orange is the New Black , #MeToo Movement , Female Objectification , Inmate Stereotypes , Popular Culture
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