Health Consequences of Maternal Obesity on F1 Offspring

Pankey, Christopher
As obesity rates continue to rise, it is important for us to understand the risks of health issues that are comorbid with obesity. Diseases associated with obesity are not only affecting the individual, but also their progeny. This research project attempts to show a correlation between maternal obesity, and first generation offspring's cardiovascular health risks. Using Rambouillet/Columbia cross ewes as a human biomedical model, we studied the developments of cardiovascular disease risk factors in advanced age (6-7 years old) female offspring born to over-nourished/obese mothers. Subjects were analyzed for their total body fat and total percent of lean mass. Data such as mean arterial pressure (MAP), and blood pressure (BP) were also recorded. We hypothesize that these first generation offspring (F1) will show a higher mean arterial blood pressure if subjected to maternal obesity (MO) in utero than if gestated by lean ewes fed only to requirements throughout pregnancy (control, C group).
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