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Great Stone Chimney and Fireplace in Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

GREAT STONE CHIMNEY AND FIREPLACE, OLD FAITHFUL INN, YELLOWSTONE PARK. Visitors in Yellowstone Park have a choice of service at hotels or permanent camps. As all service is under the supervision of the United States Government, a high standard is maintained. All hotels are first class, comfortable and so well managed they have the air of well established summer resorts. They are electric lighted, steam heated, and otherwise modernly equipped. All hotels are situated with special reference to their convenience for sight-seeing and as its name will indicate, Old Faithful Inn is situated at a point overlooking the Upper geyser Basin near Old Faithful Geyser and other neighboring big geysers. This Inn is the first of its kind and has become one of the most popular hotels in the country. it is a most unique structure of logs and boulders. The rendezvous is all that its name implies. The room is 75 feet square and 92 feet high to the peak of the roof, with balconies around three sides. There are eight massive stone chimney fireplaces in the room, one in each corner and one at each side. Old Faithful Inn is pleasantly furnished and thoroughly homelike. A most interesting feature is a large searchlight on top of the building, which is operated every night, hsowing the geysers in play, and the bears feedign at the edge of the woods, apparently, not at all disturbed by the instrusion of civilization's electric lights.
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