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Self-Sovereign Identity on a Blockchain

Ross, Abraham
Currently, over one billion people spread across the globe do not have access to any form of legal identity such as passports of physical ID cards and licenses. This makes it impossible for them to have access to any form of banking or financial services. On top of that, they are much more susceptible to crimes such as human trafficking and are unable to flee to different areas of the world and set up a new life. After analyzing multiple scholarly and academic articles, real world case studies, interviews with leaders considering this technology, and supreme court rulings on the topic in developed countries, this paper works to develop an opinion on whether digital identity ran on a blockchain to achieve entirely self-sovereign identity would truly enhance the quality of life for people in suppressed nations. Although admittedly controversial, and with challenges, this research concludes that blockchain may be a vital tool to give legal identity to billions of people on the planet. This research provides an insight into how to solve a worldwide identity crisis that could empower people in underdeveloped countries to truly own their identities and accomplishments and cut down severely on human trafficking and sex crimes organizations.
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Blockchain,Identity,Self-Sovereign Identity
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