History of the 1848 and 1849 Revolutions in German Speaking Europe: Changing Views Regarding a 'Complete' Historigraphy

Derner, Aaron
Despite several historians' claims that the historiography concerning the German Revolutions of 1848 and 1849 is exhaustively (even redundantly) complete, this belief is largely influenced by both the historical dialogue as it was presented by historians well-grounded within narrative historical methods as well as the overshadowing focus on Nazi-era Germany in recent scholarship, and is subsequently false. While some scholars have made essays into argumentative historical analysis of the 1848-49 revolutions, such attempts have been extremely limited in both frequency and efficacy, largely missing the most glaring oddity of these revolutions: namely their semi-irredentist foundations. In order to conclude that this historiography is complete, argumentative analyses must be made which tackle at the very least the political irredentism unique to the 1848-49 Revolutions of German-speaking Europe.
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