Wyoming State Geological Survey statewide groundwater baseflow study

Taboga, K.G.
Stafford, J.E.
This report details the methods used and the results of a Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) project that estimates the baseflow component of groundwater recharge in Wyoming using an empirical model and geospatial software. Baseflow represents an effective measure of total recharge given the hydrogeologic framework of Wyoming’s structural basins. The recharge estimates generated by the WSGS model were compared to baseflows in gaged watersheds and recharge estimates obtained from existing models in selected Wyoming basins. To access an interactive map from Wyoming State Geological Survey, please see: WSGS PubID: OFR-2016-8
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groundwater , recharge , baseflow
Taboga, K.G., and Stafford, J.E., 2016, Wyoming State Geological Survey statewide groundwater baseflow study: Wyoming State Geological Survey Open File Report 2016-8, 16 p.
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