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Study on the Structural Relationship between Bleomycin Analogs and DNA Hairpins, A

Murray, Sally A.
I became involved with the following research on bleomycin analogs and DNA hairpins, after responding on a whim to a campus-wide email regarding a research position in the chemistry department. It has been roughly four years since I was hired by Dr. Teresa Lehmann to begin work on the project, in which time we have published three papers. As an undergraduate researcher I came to be involved in all aspects of the scientific process. For the research that is to be discussed herein, I was involved in the experimental design, sample preparation and data collection, as well as the analysis of complex two-dimensional NMR spectra. I also participated in the writing of the three papers and the presentation of our research at various seminar talks. Throughout my time as an undergraduate researcher, I witnessed the ways in which scientific endeavors can make a positive difference in society. This project specifically elucidates a complicated DNA: Drug interaction which had been previously under controversy due to inconsistencies within the field regarding experimental design. Ultimately, we produced results that could be used to guide the development of a more effective, and less toxic anticancer drug. The following is to be a summary of the research I conducted while in the Lehmann group, including a reflection on how my involvement in this project has contributed to my identity at the University of Wyoming and beyond.
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