Assessing Medical Providers Knowledge of American Diabetes Association (ADA) Clinical Guidelines

McMillan, Drew
More than 29 million Americans live with diabetes and type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90% of all diagnosed cases. Diabetes complications include heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and amputation. Health care providers are expected to stay current with guideline based treatment options to provide optimum care. This project focused on a single medical practice to assess providers' knowledge of the 2016 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Clinical Guidelines. A 10 item survey outlined key issues including blood pressure goals, immunizations, laboratory monitoring, exercise recommendations and A1C goals among others. Twenty eight out of 35 providers (80% response rate) completed the survey including medical residents, attending physicians, and nurse practitioners. The average was 5 questions answered correctly (range 2-7) and individual questions were analyzed (4-100% correct). We examined differences among types of providers to see if time spent in clinic vs time since initial training had any implications on scores. Nurse practitioners had the greatest number of questions correct (6.25) and are typically in clinic 8 half-days per week. First year medical residents averaged 4 questions correct and spend 1-2 half-days in clinic. Based upon survey results, two clinic adjustments were made. First we had a didactic learning experience with providers to go over survey answers and also alert them to the new 2017 ADA Guidelines. Second we created chart phrases in electronic health records that can be pulled into patient charts to make sure providers are following guideline recommendations.
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