Investigation of Noise in Amplifiers Operating in Gain Compression

Limo, Chepchumba Soti
Noise is a phenomenon that has been investigated for very many years. Most of these investigations have been made with an aim of finding ways to reduce it. My research is no different. It is aimed at looking at how changing the values of certain circuit components affect the noise that amplifiers operating in gain compression inject into the already noisy signal being amplified. There are two types of noise. Amplitude noise and phase noise. Because of time, the scope of this research has been limited to studying only phase noise. So far, I have managed to do all the necessary calculation and also the simulated them in the computer, in order to have a rough idea of what I am to expect once I take measurements. The hardest part and the most time consuming part of the research is building the circuit. After which we will take measurements which will be analyzed. The simulated results are yet to be analyzed, interpreted and then a conclusion will be drawn based on the findings and the simulated results.
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