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Evaluation of Implementation of Coordinated School Health Policies in Lamar Consolidated Independent School District

Long, Melissa
Coordinated School Health is a model in which eight components of student health and wellness are weaved together in the school to help the student learn to live a healthier life. The purpose of this project was to evaluate how well the physical education and health education components of Coordinated School Health (CSH) were implemented in Lamar Consolidated Independent School District. A survey of 82 stakeholders was used to measure how well each campus has implemented the physical education and health education components of the CSH model. The information collected showed strengths and weaknesses in the CSH implementation at a district and campus level. Results indicated that both health education and physical education were well implemented within the district, with physical education lagging slightly behind health education. Suggestions for improvements at campus and district level are discussed in the last section of the paper.
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Coordinated School Health , Health Education , Physical Education , Health Policy Implementation , Education
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