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Herd of American Buffalo Browsing in Safety. Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

E.W. Kelley,
304. The herd of buffalo in the Yellowstone Park is the only one of any consequence now left, sole survivors of the vast band that browsed peacefully on the wide plains, before the coming of hunter and settler. These splendid beasts were slaughtered for their hides. A "buffalo robe" was prized by the early settler for coat or blanket. This small herd, remnant of a race, is now guarded in safety upon the Yellowstone reservation. The government has taken upon itself the protection of these few survivors of the finest species of native American animals. In 1902 there were twenty-five head of buffalo remaining in the Yellowstone Park, but in that year twenty-two, as many as could be found, were coralled and eighteen others were brought from other parts of the country. These are now enclosed in the park, where they browse unmolested.
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