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Motherhood and Identity

Parks, Zoe
This exhibition is a conglomeration of artwork, created by mother artists exploring themes of Motherhood and Identity through their personal practices. Drawing inspiration from art historical depictions of the mother figure, this exhibition shows a contemporary idea of the immense joys and pains of motherhood.  In the artist mother podcast, artist and mother, Courtney Kessel stated “I always sort of jokingly say it’s like reading the New York Times Maternally. The idea is that you are actually considering the space of the other. Utter empathy, and utter care. ….. Maternal art doesn’t have to be about a biological mother or person who has a child per say. It's really about utter and complete empathy for the other.” Courtney Kessel, Artist Mother Podcast, August 19th 2020 While not all artwork in this exhibition shows the literal embrace between mother and child, all artwork shown in this show does consider the space of the other while having utter empathy and care.
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